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Yinhai Leasing Deepens Compliance construction and all employees sign Compliance Commitment

2023-07-17 Publisher: Administrator Views: 100



With the in-depth promotion of the company's "Compliance system Construction Strengthening Year" related work, in order to more effectively prevent and control compliance risks, build a solid legal compliance management red line。On July 11, the company organized the signing activity of the Compliance Commitment Letter, and a total of 88 leading employees signed the Compliance Commitment Letter.。

Before the event began, Lin Peisen, deputy general manager of the company, explained the importance and necessity of compliance work and compliance risk prevention in detail, and especially emphasized the responsibility and significance of signing the Compliance Commitment Letter。

All employees carefully read the Compliance Commitment Letter, deeply understand the compliance concept and compliance responsibility behind the words on white and black, and solemnly sign their own names to make a solemn commitment to abide by the compliance operation, strictly abide by the risk bottom line, establish the values of compliance and law-abiding integrity, and adhere to the integrity and integrity of professional ethics。

next,The company will take this signing event as an opportunity,进一步深入学习贯彻习近平法治思想,In accordance with the relevant requirements of the municipal SASAC and Yufu Group on the compliance management of the "Compliance system Construction Strengthening Year",Promote the construction of compliance system in an orderly manner,Internalize the concept of compliance in mind and externalize it in practice,Further promote the deep integration of compliance management and business operations,High level of compliance to help the company's high-quality development。