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Zou Wei, general manager of the company, went to Yunnan to carry out work exchange

2023-07-06 Publisher: Administrator Views: 141

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In order to further serve the construction of the new land and sea channel in the west and implement the company's "3114" work ideas, from June 28 to June 30, the company's general manager Zou Wei and deputy General manager Yan Junwei went to Yunnan to carry out work exchanges, accompanied by the Research and Development Department。

期间,Zou Wei and his delegation went to Yunnan Airport Investment Co., Ltd. and Kunming Transportation Investment Co., Ltd. to conduct business interviews,Li Dong, Deputy Director of Wuhua District, Kunming City, and Shao Yongkang, chairman of Wuhua District, Kunming City,In-depth understanding of Kunming financial market status and customer needs,They also exchanged views and reached consensus on the next step of cooperation。

Zou Wei and his delegation also investigated the Yunnan work Department, listened to the Yunnan work Department work report, and understood the difficulties of the employees in the work, study and life in the remote work department。Zou Wei affirmed the achievements of Yunnan work Department and the positive mental outlook of employees。He asked the Yunnan work Department in the future work, to pay more attention to the business strategy, adjust the business focus, strict control of business risks, at the same time, employees should also pay attention to the improvement of personal ability, strengthen learning, demand progress, unity and cooperation, to build a clean team。