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Pavilion enterprises to build the Party bridge cooperation win-win development Yinhai Leasing and Chongqing Industrial Museum cooperation to build the Party group activity base was unveiled

2022-04-15 Publisher: Administrator Viewed: 364

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Photo caption: Hu Jiquan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yufu Holding Group, Wang Wanhong, deputy secretary, Guan Yongqin, deputy director of Gongbo, and Pang Xianwei, secretary of the General Party Branch of Yinhai Leasing, unveiled the base together

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Photo caption: All the staff visited the Gongbo

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Photo caption: Visit the treasure of Gongbo Town Hall, the national first-class cultural relic 8000 horsepower parallel bar horizontal steam engine, Yinhai Leasing to provide a year of maintenance

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Picture caption: All staff held a discussion on the construction of a learning organization

On the eve of World Museum Day, Chongqing Yinhai Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Industrial Museum cooperated to build the Party Group activity base unveiling ceremony was officially held, becoming the first listed enterprise of Chongqing Industrial Museum Museum cooperation。This is Silver Sea leasing in response to the national call,Give full play to the responsibilities of state-owned enterprises,Actively participate in the construction of museums and promote the development of local cultural and museum undertakings,It is also the achievement of Yinhai Leasing to consolidate and enhance the existing "Party building brand",Strengthen horizontal communication and vertical learning,Form a lively situation of positive interaction between grass-roots Party organizations,A new exploration to comprehensively improve the level of party building work of the branch。

Hu Jiquan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yufu Holding Group, and Wang Wanhong, deputy secretary of Yufu Holding Group, attended the ceremony. Under the witness of members of the Yinhai Leasing team and all party members of a branch, they unveiled the base together with Guan Yongqin, deputy director of Chongqing Gongbo, and Pang Xianwei, secretary of the General branch of Yinhai Leasing Party, officially opening a new chapter of joint construction and cooperation between the museum and enterprises。

At the ceremony, Secretary Hu Jiquan fully affirmed the mode of cooperation between museums and enterprises, and said that Chongqing Industrial Museum, as one of the four major museums in Chongqing, is the first batch of national industrial heritage projects and patriotic education base, and bears the glorious mission of "recording Chongqing's industrial history and enriching the city's cultural connotation"。Yinhai Leasing Company and Chongqing Gongbo reached a pavilion enterprise cooperation to build a Party and mass activity base model,It is a pioneering effort by social forces to help the development of museums,For the city's large state-owned enterprises and key industry enterprises to make a leading demonstration;Gongbo should further play the role of public cultural services and social education institutions to empower enterprises,It has become the second classroom for Party members and cadres of Yinhai Leasing and even the whole city's state-owned enterprises to carry out patriotic education, inherit the red gene, cultivate the spirit of innovation, and build a strong ideological plateau。Both parties should give full play to their respective advantages, promote party building by joint construction, promote cooperation by joint construction, promote development by joint construction, and fully realize resource sharing and common progress。

All the time,Yinhai Leasing City adheres to the concept of "strong party building, strong development",We will implement the strategic policy of comprehensively and strictly governing the Party and the general requirements for Party building in the new era,Adhere to the Party building to guide development,Through the "organization construction, system construction, ideological construction, cultural construction, two integration and demonstration leading" and other six points of focus,The role of the party branch fighting fortress, the vanguard role of party members and the role of youth assault into the operation and development,The party's guidance is integrated into the corporate culture,Give full play to the party building in the operation and development of the "power source" role,Service company "1+5+4+N" development strategy,The result is obvious。2018年-2021年,Yinhai Leasing has won the "China Financial Leasing Achievement Award" and "China Financial Leasing Service Outstanding Achievement Award for Local Economic Construction" and other industry authoritative awards for four consecutive years,The general Party branch of the company was awarded "Advanced Party Organization" by Chongqing SASAC and "Advanced Grassroots Party Organization" by Yufu Holding Group and named "Grassroots Party Building Demonstration Base".。Not only forms a unique Yinhai characteristics of the party building work highlights, but also to achieve high-quality development of the company, to ensure the preservation and appreciation of state-owned capital。

Yinhai leasing Party general branch secretary Pang Xianwei said,The cooperation between the museum and the enterprise is an initiative of Yinhai Leasing to carry out the diversified development of party building work,Next, we will strengthen communication and exchanges,Strive to build the "Pavilion and enterprise cooperation to build a Party and mass activity base" into a model of Chongqing pavilion and enterprise party building cooperation,And will be the starting point for the pavilion and enterprise cooperation,To improve the level of party building work as the core,Carry out pairing and co-construction activities with outstanding party building enterprises inside and outside the industry,We will explore ways to develop a multilevel and regular mechanism for co-building pairs,Continue to build branch characteristics,Polish Yinhai party building brand。

After the ceremony, all the staff also visited the Industrial Museum and carried out a research symposium on the theme of the creation of learning organizations。