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Dimon financial leasing system: financial leasing market tuyere by capital crazy grab

2018-07-12 Publisher: Yin Hai Edit Number of views: 69


    As an important supplement to traditional bank credit and stock and bond financing, financial leasing has always been favored by capital, especially this year, the deepening of the national financial regulation and control, the direction of the financial industry to serve the real economy has become clearer, and the financial leasing market has ushered in a "golden period" of development.。There is data showing,2018 to date,Various capital beach financial leasing market is very hot,According to incomplete statistics,Last month alone, the number of listed companies that announced the establishment of financial leasing companies and financial leasing companies reached 15,With the continuous improvement of financial leasing industry policies,And the continuous upgrading of domestic industrial structure,In the future, the capital's enthusiasm for the financial leasing market will become increasingly hot。"Financial leasing by virtue of its advantages of both 'financing' and 'financing',Become a "major artery" connecting the real economy and industrial finance,It plays an important role under the requirements of the current financial return to the real economy,"Shenzhen People's Congress Standing Committee member of the economic Working committee, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics visiting professor, Shenzhen Internet finance Chamber of Commerce, Dimeng Technology chairman and CEO said to Jun,All kinds of capital cluster in the financial leasing market,It is an inherent requirement for the upgrading of industrial institutions,It is also the mainstream direction to enhance the group's comprehensive operating efficiency in the future,The financial advantages and functions of financial leasing will become a new profit growth point of the Group。

    The financial leasing industry has been developing in China for many years,But because before it was extensive development,In terms of business model and geographical distribution,There are problems such as single profit model and unbalanced development,因此,Despite all these years of financial leasing,But market penetration is less than 5%,That's well below the 15-30 per cent seen in mature markets。Today, with the wave of financial informatization and intelligence has come, emerging technologies represented by the Internet of Things and big data have penetrated into the business model, risk control model and post-lease management model of financial leasing. It can be said that empowering the financial leasing market with financial technology has become the consensus of industry development。

    Not only that, the increasingly mature financial leasing industry has also been supported and encouraged by national policies。近日,In the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Financial Leasing Industry" issued by The General Office of the State Council, the role of the financial leasing industry in promoting industrial innovation and upgrading, broadening the financing channels of small, medium and micro enterprises, driving the development of emerging industries and promoting economic restructuring is emphasized,At the same time, enterprises are required to actively use modern science and technology such as the Internet of Things, big data, and cloud computing to enhance the competitiveness of the industry,To accelerate the further development of the financial leasing industry,Contribute to the upgrading of China's economy。

    At present, China's economy is in a critical period of comprehensive transformation, whether it is the innovation and development of financial technology, or the continuous improvement of industry policies, financial leasing has a huge space for development, which is also the reason why it has become the "new darling" of listed companies。"It is well known,China already leads the world in fintech development,Driven by technological innovation,The financial leasing industry has ushered in a major historical development opportunity,In addition to relying on its own business foundation and industrial chain,We actively promoted the integration of industry and finance,At the same time, the blessing of financial technology,Will lead the financial leasing industry to a higher level。"Xiang Jun thinks。